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Bits und bytes:
even pigs go Digital

Sure, pigs do not need computers. But your farm probably does not work efficiently without support from digital devices. BigFarmNet, our unique management and control software, makes digitalisation easy, fast and secure – and your farm more profitable.

Digitalisation is our and your innovation driver. Big Dutchman identified this important trend as early as in 2005. We used the time we have had since then to provide you with a thought-out and reliable management tool you can use to get your farm ready for the future. More than 27500 licenses have been activated worldwide, confirming that we are on the right track. Let our experts advise you!

BigFarmNet unites all applications on your farm in one software and one database. The advantages for your work:


Always up-to-date: keep track of everything

Use any of your computers or your smartphone to make inputs.


Everything in one software

One software unites all applications: liquid and dry feeding systems, ESF stations, sorting scales, feeding systems for suckling pigs, climate control, silo and alarm management.


More security

Your entire production is recorded in one single software, which also means that all systems are backed up automatically and all alarms are managed centrally.


Optimised production results and reduced costs

Improve your production results by using efficient analysis tools, and save time and avoid errors thanks to optimised processes.


Reliable and future-proof

Benefit from the fact that all BigFarmNet applications are thoroughly tested in the field and continuously further developed by Big Dutchman.


Only buy what you need

It does not matter whether you have a large
farm complex or a smaller, family-owned farm: BigFarmNet meets any requirement and grows with your needs.

Optimising production and acting in line with requirements

How can you benefit from BigFarmNet?

With BigFarmNet, you no longer just react to unwanted developments, but actively prevent them.

BigFarmNet digitally records:
  • animal weights
  • daily weight gains
  • feed conversion and feed composition
  • water and feed consumption
  • sow performance
  • losses
  • climate data
BigFarmNet provides answers:
  • Which feed composition improves results?
  • Which sows are the most productive?
  • Which climate settings have a positive effect on animal behaviour?
  • Are there any signs for disease?
BigFarmNet improves production:
  • higher daily weight gains
  • increased productivity
  • fewer losses
  • optimised feed conversion
  • less work
Controlling your farm from wherever you want

How to work with BigFarmNet.

Directly in the barn

1. In the barn with our controllers.


307pro climate computer

  • The 307pro controls all climate applications. Each computer can control one or two rooms.

510pro production computer, the feeding computer for ...

  • sorting scales
  • liquid and dry feeding systems
  • ESF stations
  • individual feeding in the farrowing area
  • feeding systems for suckling pigs

AC Touch alarm device

  • AC Touch shows and sends alarms without depending on the network – now integrated in BigFarmNet.
Your advantages:
  • Different user profiles: All profiles are password protected, i.e. non-authorized persons cannot change the settings.
  • Your farm remains operational at all times: All controllers in the BigFarmNet system continue working without errors, even when not connected to the network.
Comfortable and easy-to-use
  • All controllers have modern, 10-inch or 7-inch touchscreens that display all functions and are easy to understand.
  • Clearly-arranged 3D graphs and a uniform menu structure make for intuitive navigation and operation.
  • The controller is installed exactly where you need it: in the aisle, in the room or in the feed kitchen.
With BigFarmNet Manager on the PC

2. In your office at the PC.

BigFarmNet not only unites all applications in one software,
but also adds components for farm management.
The integrated
management tools for finishers and sows focus on the animal. All
animal data is saved, even when the animal is moved.

Our main focus during the development of BigFarmNet Manager was
user-friendliness. The uniform user interface for all applications and the
individual views you can create in BigFarmNet Manager will convince
you as well!

Your animals will receive the correct amount of the correct nutrients at the correct time – and at the most economic price.
  • Feed curves are displayed as graphs to allow for easy changes.
  • Feed reviews and group comparisons help you with optimising your recipes.
  • Define feeding times and feed amounts in the Task Manager.
  • Make adjustments manually and directly in the overview table, for example reducing the feed amount in case of high temperatures.
On the go with the BigFarmNet app

3. Anywhere you are: with your smartphone.

The BigFarmNet app will revolutionize your work: no more notes, no more copying, no more unnecessary clicking. Input all information directly. The app not simply remote-controls the applications, but is an independent, fully-fledged program that turns your smartphone into a mobile input terminal for managing your sows and finishers – in the barn or on the go through the Internet and our FarmLink server. Even if you are not connected to the Internet when you enter information into the app, all data synchronises as soon as you are back online.

The BigFarmNet app:
  • All communication is encrypted
  • Each end device must be verified in the BigFarmNet Manager.
  • Changes made via the app are recorded in central log files.
  • Receive alarms from all applications as push notifications.
  • Climate and production data can be displayed in every room, house and farm.
  • All history data can be retrieved.
  • Online and offline use are possible.
For your entire barn

What can you control with BigFarmNet?


Clever management with the BigFarmNet app

Use our app e.g. to optimize your feeding system, to adjust settings of your climate components or to analyse historical production data. Data can be input online as well as offline.
Download the BigFarmNet app now and use the extensive demo version to learn more about the many functions!


Everything at a glance

BigFarmNet unites all applications and management tasks of your farm in one software and one database. Whether you are in the barn with our controllers, in the office at your PC or on the go with your smartphone: BigFarmNet is wherever you are.

Any questions?

Our brochure contains all the information you need about our well-proven BigFarmNet farm management and control system. Click here to download and read the brochure.


Our customers are happy with BigFarmNet


“It’s incredible that I can now control my three liquid feeding systems with just one single software.”

Hauke Brünjes, Germany

Hauke Brünjes, Germany

“The system is a real added value for me. I was given good advice and Big Dutchman was a very reliable partner at all times!”

Xavier Berthou, France

Xavier Berthou, France

“BigFarmNet was easy to learn both for me and my staff. And the risk of making errors is so much lower. Great tool!”

Hergen Lehnhof, Germany

Hergen Lehnhof, Germany

“I have sows and finishers. Thanks to BigFarmNet, I just need one single software, which saves lots of time.”

Frank Böckmann, Germany

Frank Böckmann, Germany


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